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Again my copter doesn't go up :´-(

i'm started with arducopter 8 months ago , and it's neve goes fine.


Today i replaced new motor's and props and i can't go up


the same issue like some months before 

copter goes to back ar backleft.


my setup

 4 x KD2217 motor

4 x  10x4.5 props

X mode


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Xbee : Does it work or not ???

there are a few thread's about this.

But ATM my xbee don't work. If i do the test (xbee at terminal and range test) then everything work fine, so the connection between the two modules are ok.


Can someone please tell here how to configurate that the x

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Arducopter v2 : x 45° gone??

If i look at the wiki , i see there is no x45° configuration , i mean the way the apm is pointed to motor 3 like in + config.At the version 1 this was the standard.Will v2 support this and is this forgotten at the wiki ?

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