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FAA sUAS Regulations

Does anyone know where to find the supposed Dos and Don'ts regulating onboard electronics for sUAS?

I have a question about certain types of radio equipment to be used on mine.  A wideband receiver that reports GPS data (coords and time), frequency an

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Decisions based on props

Can anyone guide us all through a theoretical decision making process for selection of engine or motor based on prop or blade size and weight to be thrust or lifted (Quad)?  You might wake up tomorrow and think to yourself.."self..I want to build a q

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QUAD Rotor Sizes and RPMs needed

Can anyone clue me in to a guide on rotor sizes and minimum/maximum RPMs needed?

35cc gas engine (3000 - 7000 RPM) --- 4-way speed increasing gearbox --- 4 x right angle speed increasing gearboxes (2 x CW& 2 x CCW) --- variable pitch props.

Weight 25 -

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Motors, Propellers and Batteries

I have seen several posts here and on rcgroups asking for the same help but have yet to see any simple specific guidance for the calculation or formulas that arrive at a solid Motor/Propeller/Battery combination for QuadRotor platforms.  Of course th

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Heavy Lift Quad

What kind of weight could I expect to move with four AXI Gold 5345/14s, or four Hacker A50-14L 8-poles or similarly large motors?  I know the battery sizes will be heavier too.

I am trying to get help on finding info on motors, prop sizes (18 - 21"??)

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Tri-Copters with GX25 Motors

Will the APM with all the best sensor packages be able to run a Tri-Copter or Quad Tilt-Rotor that is running a 25cc gas engines?  At around 6lbs each and another 6 - 8 lbs for fuel the weight can go up quick.  Does anyone have any hands on with a pr

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