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Current Software and Beyond

Besides Release Notes, is there any site where current bug fixes are discussed?  There seems to be a few every day but who is finding the anomalies and how are they being fixed so quickly?

While I suppose the Developers are busy will real jobs and cod

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3DR Quadcopter Carbon Fiber Frame

Would there be any interest in a 3DR Quadcopter Carbon Fiber Frame?  All the parts made of carbon fiber.  Is there a structural reason this would be a bad idea?

What if we could have a 3DR Quadcopter with molded carbon fiber frame?  I would like molde

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How many battery packs do you own?

What battery charger do you use?

How fast do your batteries charge?

How big are your battery packs?

I have two Eflite 3S 11.1V 2200mAh 30C battery packs with a TRAXXAS 2-cell/3-cell LIPO BALLANCE charger/output 800mA x

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AUTO Mission Details?

When I set a waypoint I see 'Delay', 'HIT RAD' and 'YAW ANGLE'.  I would guess Yaw Angle is the orientation of the copter while it travels away from the waypoint?  I guess delay is how long the copter will stay at the waypoint but I am not sure what

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3DR 880Kv Motor Setup

Any parameter changes required when using the 3DR 880Kv motors with 11x4.7 props?


Any good way of tightening the prop nut?  I am using an allen wrench through the nut but how do you hold the motor from turning?  I wish there was a custom wrench to fi

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APM 2.5/6 and Light Sensitivity

I am contemplating taking the APM 2.5 apart and painting the inside black to ensure the barometer is not going to sense light.  Any reason I shouldn't do this?

If the barometer is sensitive to light why would the case be transparent? I don't think I c

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3DRobotics Quadcopter Ready to Fly

Arducopter with

External Magnetometer

Upgraded Motors

Carbon fiber props

GoPro3 Black on 2-axis gimbal with Futaba 3114 servos, aluminum arms with ball links

900 MHz Telemetry

Sonar with shielded cable and noise reduction

Optical Flow Meter

APM 2.5 in MoonGe

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WAIT for Blade

3D Robotics is really sells parts but you will wait a awhile for them to print a shipping label then even longer for the order to be handed off to the USPS.  Then they will say they`re sorry, give you credit, and do it again.  3 days for acknowledgem

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jD-IOBoard Configuator V1.0.0-27483 - Air Frame X-Frame - GUI shows REAR REAR designations for the two front arms. 

Is this correct? 

Why not a simple update to fix this? 

Why only the REAR arm? 

What about the other three?

What LED strips allow for patte

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APM 2.6

Any real information regarding the new APM 2.6?  Any pictures?


I suspect 3DRobotics still has old 2.5's on the shelf that they will shed before releasing the 2.6.

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jDrones IOBoard Assistance

When you run the Arduino code to program which board type does one select?  Is there a setup guide?

When I run the configurator .exe the save to board completes with a Done message appearring but read from the board always reads a default pattern and

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I am looking for support for the jDrones IO Module and jDrones Optical Flow sensor and slightly let down that this forum provides little help.  Is there anyone who is using either of these addons?  Is there a better site for support?

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Optical Flow Sensor v1.1

Does anybody have jdrones Optical Flow Sensor v1.1 working on APM2.5?

I pinouts on the sensor are different than v1.0 but I connect to the sensor to the APM using the signal names.  I get the green LED, I have done the 3.3V change on the APM and Optic

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