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Video below we stream video to my website demo with RTMP Adobe Flash Player

  • If you have a business drone for delivery, security, ambulance using Ardupilot/PX4 firmware, it is necessary to play live video from drone footage for your clients/partners from your application. And XBStation offers the ability to do that.
  • If you have a drone live event, by using XBStation, allows you streaming live video to social networkings like Facebook, Youtube
  • Your clients/partner can lay video in many playforms: Web browser, IOS device, Android Device, Desktop Application, ...

How it works

  • XBStation generates an RTMP stream for the drone video and uses the cellular network transmit to Ground Control Station to archive low latency video
  • Then, station transmit the RTMP stream to Media Server like Wowza
  • From there, your clients can access live or on-demand video output from any device, browser, location, any platform


Support Playback Player:

  • Flash HTTP
  • Flash RTMP
  • HLS
  • Silver Light

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We are develop BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) function based on 4G LTE real-time connective.

It’s make your Drone Legal and Satety with FAA rule .Opportunity for access the drone industry.The pilot don’t need to keep an eye on the drone at all times. More economics and efficiency of commercial flight.


How to setup:

If you're interested in this, don't hesitate to contact us for testing! We will support enthusiastically!
Email: creator@xb-uav.com
website: xb-uav.com
Group facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/380570989412286
Skype: XB UAV

Online Support/ Remote Support!

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We are developing a function to share the stream video and controller drone with multi Ground control station (2-3 or more GCS) via internet ( wifi, 4G LTE).

For example: Have 2 GCS control drone same time (A and B)
- A:the pilot can control and monitor drone directly via Qgroundcontrol at the test location.
- B: the supervisor will sit at the office and monitor the operation of the Drone via QCS software. If they feel wrong they can intervene and make sure everything is safe.

We think sharing the stream of video and control drone to mulitiple GCS is essential for training, testing, delivery and surveying....

But in fact, we still don't know who exciting about this and who can test this function with me.

If you are interested, please comment or contact me: creator@xb-uav.com

Thank you!

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Make your Companion Computer more stable, not suddenly reset by fluctuating power supply in fly time, reduce noise by the devices like ESC, motor, servo…


Stable Power Module


Stable Power Module is professionally designed with power IC 5V-5A to provide stable power for Companion computer as well as peripheral devices. It also has a built-in Serial port for connecting Companion computer and flight control. All connector in Stable Power Module is Dronecode standard (JST GH and Molex Clik-Mate)


Easy Connect
  Technical detail
Weight:  21gram
Dimensions:  60 x 35 x 15 mm
Power Input:  7 to 36V power input (CLIK MATE 2.00mm)
Power Out:

  5V/5A for

  • Rasp Pi (Jump 2.54mm)
  • Cooling fan, Peripherals (CLIK MATE 2.00mm)
  • Serial port (JST-GH)
  • Reverse voltage protection
  • Resist fluctuated, noise of electric power
  • Green Led Indicator Power
  • Compatible with all companion computer which have Rasp Pi pinout (2x20 2.54mm)
  • All Raspberry Pi models
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