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Xbee connection failure.

Hi All:

   I am the newbie and here again.

   This time I have an Xbee connection failure.

   I use xbee pro 900 wire antenna and an adafruit adapter board on the arducopter side, along with an xbee Pro 900 RPSMA.  I setup the Xbee modules according to

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APM channles output problem

Hi All:

    I am a newbie and building my first arducopter.

    I connected receiver to the APM and the APM to the power distribution board as in the wiki.

    No matter how I move the transmitter's stick, there is no response from the motors. There are

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weird radio input

Hi Everyone:

    I am a newbie. I am using a turnigy 9x transmitter and receiver.

    I tried to set up my radio of my arducopter. I came to radio input of APM setup.  I moved my rc sticks but found:

     when I moved the stick assigned to roll. The yel

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