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Sudden Potential drop when taking off

this is just a general question I would like to ask which is related to an issue that I have been dealing with lately.
I built a hexacopter with a weight of 8.5 Kg, I am using a 14000 mAh lipo battery with it. The batteries are brand new (Tattu 6s

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camera view polygon??

I came across this term and I wanted to clear this out.

Is it, Camera's view position aligning perpendicularly to the direction of the selected polygon object's normals or is or something else?

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BLDC motor reccomendation.

Greetings everyone,

I am want to develop a tether hexacopter out of a tarot X6 and I am having problem in choosing the motors. The actual problem is that the companies don't have any record that proves endurance of the motor. I need motors that could

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