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DroidPlanner & 3DR flight test (APM for Android)

3689514490?profile=originalI´ve succeeded to use the DroidPlanner (by A. Benemann) software with my Arducopter using a 3DR telemetry link in a real flight tests on the field.

To do that you'll need a couple of things:

- OTG (On The Go) USB cable (3€ in Amazon)

- A "rooted" Android terminal. I´ve used my Nexus 7. (Please google for how-to "root" an Android terminal).


I've got it working really quite straight forward:

- connect the 3DR Tx on the N7 (see video attached)

- select "USB" as "Telemetry Connection Tipe"

- enjoy...

 This is thanks to the great  work done by Arthur Benemann on this software. It really worths. See this post.


Main performances work very well. Video attached shows main use tips.


Below some ideas for future updates and comments:

- next update suggestions:

- should have a parameter edition: this is a must. Very important

- edition of WP´s

- How to use offline maps?


Small bugs to correct:

- guided works well but altitude is not specified (lift to the infinite and beyond)

- Text to speech only works in some pages (not in all)

- Changiing from "flight data" page to "planning" page brakes the program.

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ARDUCOPTER SONAR - what´s the best?


Sorry to insist, but SONAR in 2.0.37 was perfect.


Please have a look to this video. This is using 2.0.37, defaults PIDs and the behaviour, I consider almost perfect.


Same hardware with 2.0.38 is really much worst and oscillating. Maybe it could be re-consider to come back to the 2.0.37 philosophy.


Noise problems are ALL solved isolating and shielding cables to SONAR and separating from ESC (as recomended in the WIKI)





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Arducopter 2.0.38 Flight test - Wind effect

I want to add this discussion to record experiences in flight test from 2.0.38 and on mainly in RTL, LOITER and AUTO. Also to analise the effect of the WIND, that for me is THE big problem. I´ve tested several days my copter in different wind conditions. Below is a summary of my conclussions.


RTL flight tests

We can say that RTL works, but depending on wind conditions and direction of the wind in the moment of RTL.


Upwind. This is the best situation. The copter aproaches slowly the goal in a straight way more or less ( the goal is closed to the cross of roads in the images)

wind = 10 knots SSW


3689418750?profile=original (log 26_file 1 attached)


The example below, ended well but it makes a path not logical to reach the goal (why?)3689418821?profile=original

(log 21 file 1)


Below is other succesfull RTL, but the path  took one complete turn to reach the goal probably due to the wind

(log 23 file 1)



In all this test the copter diverged strongly and it was recovered THANKS to the SIMPLE mode, that is essential to survive to big crashes.

Below is a tipical divergence. It starts downwind and then enter in a divergent spiral. (Red curve shows the final SIMPLE mode to save the copter).

3689418786?profile=originalDownwind - other diverging RTL

3689418852?profile=original(log 28 file 1)


Other problem that happens to me is the delay in reacting once the SIMPLE mode is activated to save the situation. The yellow curve shows when SIMPLE is activated but it responded some seconds later. 

3689418845?profile=original(log 22 file 2)


Upwind RTL. Another example of bad path to reach the goal

3689418625?profile=original(log 19 file 2)

Tomorrow I will add more LOITER and AUTO (exciting) experiences.
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