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Arducopter 2.1.1. alpha Loiter proposal

I´ve been working some weeks in a code for improvement of LOITER since I found not good enough for me (IMHO) the one of AC2.1.1.r8 (and previous up to 2.0.49).

I´ve started with the AP-NG that I´ve remembered quite good. I´ve translated to AC2 with

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I was wayting that Jason open this discussion page "2.0.47"( as usual in previous updates) in order to  joint all experiences on 2.0.47, so we avoid the dispersion we have now.

I´d sugest that allways is Jason to open the new code update discussion wi

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Quadropter flight time

I´ve did a small numerical exercise in order to improve the flight time for an electrical quadropter.


I did for a family of 5 quadropter weights from 500g to 1.5Kg, dry mass, (without battery).

The hipothesis are the following:

- power consumption is l

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