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An analysis of Sonar calibration issues

When comparing a couple of I2C (digital) sonars with the normal (analog) sonars I noticed the range reported by the analog sonar appeared to be wrong. A tape measure proved the digital sonars were spot on and the analog data was well off. Other users

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User Hooks

Back in June, Pieter suggested that we add a form of 'user hook' in to the arducopter code to simplify the use of user written additions or enhancements to the main branch off the arducopter code.

The problem we had was that every time Jason released

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Noisy sonar data and Alt_Hold problems

Hi All,

I'm operating a stock standard Arducopter 2 from jdrones with GPS, Magnetometer, MB1200 Sonar and a Turnigy 9x radio

Over the past couple of months I have seen the occasional odd behaviour with the Sonar when bench testing with the CLI Sonar te

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The sounds of Arducopter startup

Hi All,

When I first built my Arducopter I had no idea what the various sounds it made meant. Now I have some familiarity with it I thought it may be worth sharing.


First thing to know is the sounds come from a couple of places.


For me the first sound

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