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Testing out my New homebrew TCP/IP digital Secured Video,telemetry. same used by uav systems.

short test @ 500meters, flying in rainy weather.

Why Digital secured systems??
1. no Video interferences, no 3rd harmonics interferences. Compact Design. all in one solution. and the most important is. Secured Data. (encrypted)
2. hi bandwidth. can trnsmit both HD data video/audio, telemetry and radio control.
3. can power into 1 flight battery. (travel light)
4. GCS Module(weatherproof) all in one design. include diversity systems. and can both transmit and receive.


Transceiver Running @ 5.8ghz. with custom ant.

tx power 500mw.

Video @ d1 reso. 2-6mbits data streams.

latency @ 1-35ms

i use skywalker 1680.  and a uhf for my controls.

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