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Issues with gentwire 181

Yo Comunity. We have a Sony FDR AX53 mounted on our gimbal on our big quad. The stabilisation is fantastic. We purchased a gentwire 181 interface to control zoom and record and photos and video.

It doesn't work.

We tested the cable on a the Sony FDR –

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Log File Naming

I'm sure I'm not the only one to ask this question, but is there a parameter you can set in APM Plane or APM Copter that will allow you to insert pretext into the log file names? If you are flying a number of UAVs, regardless of the hand notes I make

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Octo rolls to port on takeoff.

I have built an octo which rolls to port on takeoff. I have checked the forums and can confirm;

1) ESCs calibrated.

2) ESC wiring checked ( Motor test)

3) All props have been checked for left/right hand

4) Have calibrated accelerometer 3 times.

5) Roll sa

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CASA Drone Regulations - Australia

Picking up some bits at electronics store and found attached flyer on the counter as I paid. 

My understanding (as someone with a UAS Controller's Certificate) was that you could not fly any drone above 400 feet without an area approval from CASA. The

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Multistar 10000 blowing chargers

We've just flown with a multistar 10,000 and it flew very well. Gave us all 10,000 mA at 6S at 5 amps. 1hour and 15 in the air.

When we went to charge it at 5 amps, we killed two I charger 208Bs and then blew up the power supply.

Something's not right.

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Arducopter Camera Trigger Questions

So I have been mapping happily with Arduplane and Pixhawk, but now I want to take photos from a multirotor. I have set up an APM 2.6 to the stage where I can take photos using CH_7 on my transmitter. It works. All good.

Now I want to take photos using

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Problems with Pixhawk I2C External LED



Pixhawk running Arducopter 3.1.5


What can I say? Plugged the external LED in to the I2C splitter and no pretty lights. I have the splitter plugged into the I2C socket on the Pixhawk and the external compass is also plugged into it. The compass is

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Skywalker X7

Hey All,

Just putting a Skywalker X7 together and was wondering if anyone has experience with the bright orange wing attachment things? 

1) Do they work? SOme say the clips break easily and you are better off using the plywood attachments.

2) Do you use

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First Flight APM2

Hi All,

I have several multicopters with Wookong and Nazam which have been great but am now looking for more flexibility with AC.

I have built a new frame, installed an APM2 with Digi XTend modems and have established communications and followed the gu

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