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H.A.L Hobby King with APM2

A Beautiful Sunny Day in Dubai !!


This H.A.L Hobby King quad was a joy to build. After fitting all the electronics we tested the CG and when all good then we tested the flying characteristics, we had to tweak the PIDs very little to get the Stablise going fine, Auto trim on CH7 works flawless and we managed to trim it to the finest possible. then by using the CH6 on my TX ( Futaba 14MZ) we couldnt acheive a good result for Loiter we are managing by the laptop ground station. this film was shot the day after we nailed the Loiter BUT its not perfect and we must try tweaking it further for the Loiter. Once we have the final figures I will publish it for H.A.L Hobby King. in general we are very happy with the quadcopter the price and the looks.


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