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throttle control.

Ive tried lowering throttle curve....ive tried adjusting parameters...but nothing seems tonslow down my lil turnigy car.just a lil movement of my stick and she flys....maybe its just the actual car being light and fast motor but it would be nice to u

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problems with pitch....ardupilot 2.5

My rover is setup usual config...1.3 throttle issue is trying to make pitch input 2 ardu...and output 2..make it control a does work up until the ardupilot is booted up and no more led its something to d

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ardurover firmware

--the firmware on the mission planner doesnt work with my board not sure why. my board is rctimer lil cheaper version.the arduplane firmware works fine no probs at all. i dont want to add the board onto my project unless the rover firmware is working

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