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APM 2.5.2 error - No Dataflash Inserted

I did notice next error (No Dataflash inserted) with my 3DR APM2.5.2 when loading an Arducopter firmware.

I did reset and erase the APM multiple times, same error. It looks to respond to all testing, but not sure if is safe to fly with this APM.

When I

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My plane did crash with ArduPlane 2.74b

Yesterday I did have an unexpected crash with my Soarus Kyosho, 2m wingspan. First time with 2.74b.

Flight was short, nice takeoff, go to 80m altitude, start coordinated turn left, reduce speed and altitude and... not more any control, plane was nose

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FPV with 5.8GHz comparing to 900MHz

I am flying FPV with a 900MHz,500mW Video TV using a 8db patch antenna at receiver (links below) and inverted V antenna on my model. The navigation camera is a Sony CCD 420 lines. Range is acceptable for me, usually flying at max 500m from home, no i

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HUD tilt when Armed, without any TX action

QuadX, APM2.0, Arducopter 2.8.1

I did calibrate radio and ESC.

Then I did level the quad in Configuration / Level (using also spirits level), HUD becomes horizontal.

When arm the quad (0:12min), HUD starts to tilt on right, without any motor (throttle)

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