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Arduimu v2 flat based quadrotor build

hello all on this forum,

i have started building my quadrotor. and i am using arduimu v2 flat as a main controller.

i am very new to all those things,uptill now i got my arduimu v2 and i just programmed it with

the latest firmware 1.7ver with the parameters said in the program for testing and

i also tested it with the happykillmore sofware and is working well.

so now my question is the values which are said to be set in the firmware should i change them

since i am using only arduimu v2 flat and no magnetometer and no gps module.

and 2nd is how to do PID tuning since i dont have any idea about this.

and how the arduimu recognizes the perticular s isnal coming from transmitter.

please anyone help me out.

thanks in advance

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