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Ardupilot after crash

how are you forum ? do you remember i had a crash a few weeks ago?

Last weekend i went to the flying field to test the airplane after the crash, redesigned the tail, and i had to make some testing with the motor washout and control surfaces moves.....

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Blown MUX?

Hello people, i need to share this with all of you to see if we end with some sort of diagnose procedure to know if we have a blown MUX, and the posible ways to solve the problem.


  • ardupilot
  • arduimu
  • shield with air speed sensor
  • ublox gps
  • no reset

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funny problem, "Nose wheel"

Hello forum.

Mi UAV airframe is using a "V" shape tail, it means that it uses the elevator channel and the rudder channel mixed on the radio, also uses a trike landing gear, with a nose wheel that i need to steer for taxing, take off and landing.

The p

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