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Some questions about SD card logs

Hi all,

I'm analysing my flights logs a bit deeper and I have a bunch of questions:

  • GPS sampling: it seems to me, looking at the GPS time, that the sampling is not 10Hz but 5Hz. This is not a problem, just it is good to know
  • In the log.pde file, there a

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Hexacopter robustness to failures

Hi all,


after two failures I had on my quadricopter (loose screw on one motor in both cases I think), I'm considering the idea of building an hexacopter.

Is it a one-motor-fail safe design? Or somehow the yawing couple cannot be equilibrated? Did anyb

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How the commands are sent to the servos?

I've been reading the most recent Arducopter 2.5.4 version, I cannot understand how the commands are sent to the servos/motors.

I understand that the function "set_servos_4()" is doing the job, but after that I'm lost.

An instance of the class AP_Motor

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JP1 connection not present in my board

Hello everybody,

I just received my APM2 and I have a bunch of problems.

One of them is the following:

I cannot power on my board through the output rail because my board hasn't got the connection for JP1. I can power it from the input rail (and the out

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APM board not arming

Hi everyone,

my brand new APM2 doesn't seem to arm in any way.

I followed the wiki (uploaded the firmware, calibrated the radio etc) yet I cannot get the "A" LED solid and the motor or servos which are plugged in the output rail do not move.

I have kept

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UDB4 + GS407 + XBeePro


My project involves a quad copter, with a UDB4, GPS and XBeePro to send/receive piloting data.

I've read a lot in the website, but I didn't find any guide/tutorial concerning the electronic connections between the board and other components. I'm a

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