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help Debuging the Arducopter???

I haven’t had time to fly for a while so I’ve forgot some of the details about this problem. But I would really like to “debug” my copter today. So what I’m looking for is some advice on how to do it, and what more information I can supply here.



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FPV camera for arducopter

I’m looking for a new FPV camera for my arducopter. I bought one of the cheap ones from hobbyking (sony something), which is absolute crape for FPV. A little bit of sunlight and I can’t see any thing L


Could I get some suggestions for a good one, pre

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simple mode forgets bearing

I've had a lot of truble with my copter. But now i've got simple mode working (more or less).


It works fine when I'm flying back and fourth facing the same direction, even for a long time. But if i spin the copter around a couple of times it looses i

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Murphy's law

What ever can go wrong always seems to go wrong on my quad. Its not offen flying wheater in norway, but today there is and everyhing is wrong with my quad. I've solved some problems here is what is remaining.


Flying beta 24, standrad arducopter



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Misson planning

Just got my loiter working :D :D on to misson planning, using APM Planner 1.0.0 i get this error when trying to upload waypoints:



Any idea whats worng?? Im setting home location, that should not be it.

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With the new code beta23 my quad is verry unstable with the gps hold. Its accually better with no hold :) The gps hold worked greate on the RC2 version, and not so good on the ardupirates.


Any tips for fixing this. Its a normal arducopter frame, stan

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sonar Altitude Hold

Just mounted a sonar on my arducopter. When i use alt_hold mode it is not holding the alt at all. I've enabled sonar in cli and tested it, it all looks good. Any one know whats wrong??

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turnigy 9x lower frequency



Any one know if there exists a module to make the turnigy 9x run a lower frequency??


I'd like to use XBee 2.4ghz but my transmitter is also running this freq :(

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