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Current drain not showing


Been using HK gcs for attopilot and ardupilot for awhile now, it's a great program. Anyways when I use ardupilot the current drain doesn't show. Total mah remaining works fine, it just never shows the real time current consumption. It does work

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Any good laptops visible in the sun?

Hey guys,I know I've seen topics on this subject before but can't find them searching. So anyways, I'm looking to buy a new laptop for my UAV purposes and would like to find something with decent visibility in the sun. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Why do I need wing tips on my flying wing?

Newb question I'm sure. I suppose it's for stability and to reduce tip stall. I guess my main question there a good way to calculate how big a wing tip should be given a certain wingloading or some other variable? What's big enough for good

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