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waypoint resolution in MP

In the past MP waypoints were only 1m resolution. I read on a thread that this was being changed to allow higher resolution (cm) waypoints. Does anyone know if this was done ? Are there other GCS programs with higher res than 1 m ? Thanks.

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Mission planner waypoint accuracy ?

Based on some threads a while ago I understood that waypoint accuracy in MP was 1m. Andrew stated that there was work in progress to bring this down to cm level to match some of the new higher accuracy RTK receivers. Does anybody know if this was imp

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Gps heading versus compass/imu heading

Work continues slowly on my monster robot. One of the problems is that it moves very slowly (2-3 meters/min) and I think it weaves because the gps heading varies a lot when moving slow. I think the compass/imu heading should be more accurate. It ther

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DUAL sonar on PIXhawk

I am trying to follow TCIII instructions for how to connect dual sonars to a PIXhawk. First of all in MP the sonar options are gone and now we have RANGEFINDER. According to TCIII the pins are 12 and 13 ( 3.3 v ADC) but the MP wants to use pin 15 ("a

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dual sonar ? better GPS ?

I am planning to try the dual sonar option on the latest ardurover version. I am following the instructions on this forum. Does the dual sonar work ? My max vehicle speed is 2.1 m/s so I think it should be fine. Comments ?


Also, is there anyone using

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SBUS output on Pixhawk when ?

I understand that the SBUS output on the Pixhawk is NOT currently enabled. Does anyone know when this may happen and will it simply send the Pixhawk output signals  or also passthrough the incoming signals from the RC sbus input ?

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GPS precision on pixhawk ?

Perhaps only the developers can answer this question. What is the resolution of the GPS2 input on the PIXHAWK ? If we had a decimeter precision GPS would the Pixhawk correctly use the higher precision NMEA lat/lon message ? Somewhere, I recall a disc

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High Res GPS ?

I have playing with ardurover for a while. Great stuff ! Now I have migrated to the pix hawk version and I am working the transition out. My latest robot is a tracked 4000 pound diesel powered monster. My question for the discussion forum is accuracy

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ArduRover 6x6 works !

Hi all:

First public pictures of my 6x6 test bed. I am using a modified Wild Thumper chassis with an Arduino mega + motor shield driving the 6 motors. APM2.5 + LEO6H + 2.30(?) + MP 1.2.30 + 3DR wireless link. I also have Wixel wireless link to the Ard

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