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What CAD software are you using and why?


What CAD software are you using and why?


For 2D

I use Solid Egde 2D Drafting  - free version

It's "free" (you need to register). I tried many of CAD programs, both free and full versions (including Autocad, Microstation, QCad, VariCAD.....) an

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APM1.4 2560 failed I2C


Just before maiden of my Funjet APM stopped working. After few hours of debugging I figured out I2C devices are not working, preventing APM to initialise. After all I wrote simple program

void loop() {
  digitalWrite(20, HIGH);   // set the LED on

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Non balanced copter and accelerometer function


I have tricopter, 80cm, DT750 motors and  GWS 11x4,7 props, latest APM and Oilpan and software. Today I started with one different propeller APC 9x6. Don't ask why :)

Obviously, that motor with smaller prop had hard times. I was able to hover pretty

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