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UGCS 2.11 Problems / Can I do tablet rollback?

We bought a new tablet and are now forced to update to UGCS 2.11. After using it for 2 jobs it has some terrible bugs that need worked out. We are getting a very bad latency issue and the drone is not even remotely close on the screen to were it is i

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3.3.3 Quad lost control Please check my log

Hey guys,

Built a quad frame and it was flying well on the test flights. I then completed a few missions with mission planner. On the last one I came into land flipped from Auto to Loiter to take over and land. I got 3 feet off the ground and it start

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Two Cameras one Drone


Im looking to mount 2 cameras on a multi rotor platform. I would like them to trigger at the same time.  I was looking to use pixhawk on an S1000.  Is it as simple as using 2 pixhawk camera trigger cables and programming the shutters to one swi

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