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apm hitting ppm failsafe mid flight

My skywalker's apm tends to crash after a running for awhile. the airlerons lock at a certain angle, the rudder deflects and all of it leads to a spiralling crash. I can't understand why suddenly the power goes off to the board, (the imu lights go of

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Is my ESC not compatible?

I'm using a thunderbird 18 amp ESC with a dx6 with ar6000 receiver. 

 When I throttle down yaw right nothing happens.(i held it for more than 2 seconds) The esc goes into some sort of programing mode when i retry it. When I Yaw left then the back moto

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ArduCopter build - Guidance needed

A group of colleges and I are working on a Quad rotor for a school project. When Arducopter project showed up, we decided to follow it and create our own Arducopter. Most of the things in the Arducopter project wiki are very clear, and very easy to f

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