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RC CAR+ARDUINO: The second prototype is ready


Today I went to a mega store and I found this "broken" car for just 9.99 pounds, so I decided to buy it and replace the crappy car that I mounted all the stuffs.


The next week I will buy 1 ultrasound sensor, extension IO and a compass, them should help the car to drive in a specific direction ( i.e. to the north ) and I am going to avoid the obstacles that the sensor will find on the road.



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RC Car with Arduino nano and a TB6612FNG

Hello guys,

this is my first post on this blog and I'd like to give some information about my new personal project. How you read on the title, the project is a RC CAR with Arduino nano that is controlled by TB6612FNG.

The final project will be a RC CAR controlled by Arduino nano and a few sensors, the big goal is to create a car that I can setup a route and it should be cleaver enough to avoid the obstacles from point A to point B.

I don't like to use the Ardupilot because I want to be proud of myself and create all the AI by myself :)

Tonight I just soldered the driver shield to the main motor and then I tested it.


The next items that I should to buy: or


2x servos

This is my personal blog where I am going to publish the other projects with Arduino:

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