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auto-trim mode not work

since ver 2.0.27 i never can't set auto-trim level.(arming 20sec). on last ver is work well
my qc always drift to back.
but if i use manual level (disarm 10sec) its can work.
any idea?

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declination question


i have finish test my copter

add compas.. and no need calibration like last ver :)

my question.

my coordinates now is:

Latitude: 6° 12' 41.6" S
Longitude: 106° 50' 42.6" E
Magnetic declination: 0° 46' EAST
Declination is POSITIVE
Inclination: -30° 57'

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best solution for qc in the windy condition

I'm looking for the best solution for my qc.

I hope my qc will fly stable in the windy condition.

Does any body know what should I do with my PID configuration?

How about the motor & prop configuration? Should I use high KV motor or Low KV?
Which is bett

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anybody not have yaw problem???? or only me??

I have no solution to solve yaw isu, until today
I've test to 3pcs ardu board, I use hexa and qc config
 1. Hover mode is ok
 2.I move it fast forward. After 10meters, the quad have yaw problem, the qc spin (about 90degre) by it self,  And then it stop

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ardu 35 test.. but.. yaw?? :((

upload from AMP. ver 35.

test on 3 board, 3 frame,3 remote and 3 rx

1. quad copter 28cm /arm, motor 1000kv 2820, prop 10x45,default PID

2. quad copter 40cm/arm,motor 1000kv 2820, prop 10x45,change IMAX from 50 to 100 default PID

3. hexacopter 28cm.arm

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help... arducopter 2. fly in auto-trim mode

i try to set level on fly in auto-trim mode
and after trim my qc is very level..
but when i connect board to APM software.. and put my qc on the table

the accl sensor on APM is not on  level position

this my print screen










so when i go to alt hold m

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