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er9x conversion

I have just modified my Turnigy 9x with Frsky 2.4Ghz Tx module and now want to apply the er9x as well. I don't understand how to go about it! Is it a piece of hardware that is added or software that is downloaded ?? I've searched on the net for it bu

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scratch build

I have just got into RC flying, but have not flown anything yet! My idea was to build something cheapish to learn to fly and crash etc. I have built an H quad which is proving to be slightly more complicated than I thought, but with the help that I h

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Turnigy 9X

On the page about getting the Arducopter, there  is mention of faults with the Turnigy X, such as "fly away". Being new to this, I don't know what it means. Could someone explain please? 

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