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Working on this project need suggestion ..

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is there any requirement of such payload?

any technical suggestion?

what should be the price?

ESP-I:  Estimated price:700$
The EPS-I is a self stabilizing two-axis PTZ drone /UAV camera that is used to achieve extremely smooth camera motions. It is an easy to use device that eliminates shaky video and allows you to concentrate on your inspection and surveillance

What’s different about it?

Unique product in this classification:

There is no such products available in the market similar professional payload are heavy or very expensive.

Can be fit to any medium size multi-rotor and fixed wings

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No wiring outside compare to standard Gimbal setup.

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Very light weight in the market (230 gm with camera)

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Modular design to replace between day/night payloads

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Vibration Mount

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EPS-I specification:

Gimbal Capabilities

  • Size (DxH): 100mm x 130mm
  • Weight: 300 gm
  • Tilt: ±90°
  • Pan: 360° Continuous
  • On board recording

Video Output

  • Analogue video: Composite
  • 10X zoom with EO
  • Snapshot and recording option
  • Picture pixel: 1920 x 1200
  • Video Pixel: 300W,1920(H)X1080(V)
  • Video output: AV:1080p, 30FPS,


  • Power input 12 volt
  • AV out output for video transmitter
  • Zoom, recording and Gimbal position control from GCS/RC


  • Day / Night surveillance
  • Aerial Infrastructure Inspection
  • Search & Rescue
  • Traffic Surveillance
  • Coastal and Border Control
  • Anti-Terrorist and Law Enforcement
  • Surveillance
  • costal Surveillance
  • Wildlife monitoring


Target coordinate from payload image in real time

 Future Development:

  • Object Tracking with (Mission planner/APM planner)
  • Gimbal control from GCS (Mission planner/APM planner)
  • GCS real-time video stabilization


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