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UAV for inside Nuclear Power Stations


A report on a project to inspect a contaminated nuclear power station, from the Guardian. Excerpt:

The university has built a "hexacopter", which has six separate rotary engines. It is also equipped with lidar (light detection and ranging), remote-sensing technology that uses lasers to create detailed three-dimensional images which can be viewed from any angle.

"The hexacopter can scan the interior surface. It is can be autonomous and it will fly for about 20 minutes," said Seager.

"The craft was designed for the mapping of the interiors of buildings. Its USP is mapping inside buildings that may have been contaminated, or are difficult to access by other means. The model has potential military spin-offs. In Afghanistan, you could send it into an building and do a survey so you'd know who and what was inside."

Who goes in and charges the batteries?

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