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Innovative Interesting UAVs

The next “big thing” is always in the spotlight in today’s society.  Many companies now prioritize how their devices will stand out among the standard items in the market, so there is an abundance of innovative UAVs for consumers.

We will explore some

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Low Temperature Drone Battery

Tattu low temperature battery version improved battery material design to support Max. 3C discharge at -30℃ low temperature. Discharge over 90% efficiecy at -10℃ and discharge over 80% effeciecy at -30℃. And the low temperature version has broked thr

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Human Flying Drone

The future of drones is not just for taking great aerial photos and gathering data. It’s also giving us the “flying Cars” or “Manned Drone” that humankind has been talking about for so many years. Imagine your daily commute with no more traffic jams,

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Manned Drone

Did you ever dream of flying freely in the air when you were a child? Now, someone has successfully realized his dream of flying. He is Zhao Deli, who succeeded in inventing a drone capable of carrying people.

This new type of motorcycle/drone, which

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Gens ace 6S lipo for X class drone racing

Will you take part in the X Class Drone Racing? And do you picked the power battery?
Here Gens ace 6S lipo battery(From 3300mAh to 6200mAh) suite to X class drone racing.
1. Extra 25% off secret code: 25xclass (1st 20 orders only, First come first ser

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