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Skywalker 1900 Parameters

Hi folks, I had to buy a skywalker 1900 after I stuffed my original 1500 into some trees.  Does anyone have a good, solid param file for their 1900 that wouldn't mind sharing?  This would be tremendously helpful :)


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Tuning: Throttle Oscillating during Loiter

Hi everyone!

During Loiter, my throttle oscillates rather consistantly.  The tuning graph suggests that APM is responding to airspeed (as opposed to altitude) because of the frequency of the oscillations and how it relates to my target alt.

If there we

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Stabilize & FBW invert the plane!

Hi folks,


I maidened my APM2 yesterday.  It's running the latest code offered by the mission planner--2.34.  I've got the skywalker parameters file from april 2012 set on it.


Just as the subject line says, when I switched to either fbw A or stabilize

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How to power the APM

Hey folks,

I'm still reading and planning this winter's UAV, which will most certainly operate Arduplane.

I see that usually APM gets its power from the BEC off the ESC, via the throttle pins.  The plan I have for my plane is to use a separate BEC to d

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Xbee 900mhz + FrSky = good or no good?

Hey folks,


It seems that an Xbee is the way to go!  I'm going to use FrSky on my UAV & I've read that 900mhz video transmitters do not play well with Frsky receivers.  

What about 900mhz xbees?  Does anyone here use FrSky + Xbee 900mhz who can tell me

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