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Bix3 crash in auto mode (log included)

Hello all,

In the last couple of months I have utterly destroyed two Bixlers. Needless to say I need some advice.

The last crash went like this. The auto mode was set up to fly a trip around the ball park at an altitue of 60 meters (approx. 200ft). Whe

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External Compass direction

Hi pilots,

If you look at the picture you see how I have mounted the external compass and GPS. The arrow the the direction it should be mounted. However I have not followed the direction because the wires come out of the left side of the module.


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No rudder control

Hi fellow pilots,

I have a strange issue with my rudder servo. When I move the yaw stick the rudder servo is not moving. The swash servos do move when I move the yaw stick.

All other controls are correct. When I move throttle and cyclic controls the co

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