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WEBDrone-V flying on the Antarctic Peninsula

Here is the first video of my WBDrone-V, flying on the Antarctic Peninsula in january 2014.

WBDrone-V is Custom, CNC made Drone, with

  • Waterproof Carbon Fiber Frame
  • Weight flies 2250g (With Lipo & camera)
  • APM2.5 and Custom Arducopter 291+
  • T-Motor MT3506
  • Propeller EPP1345 NY
  • Lipo 4S 5A 30C
  • Camera JVC GC-XAEBEU
  • A lot of work and passion....
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Summer 2011,

  I Have A Dream:  See flying my Drone from it Antarctica.

  Dream of the meeting of timeless nature and technology.

  I designed for that a Drone, equipped with a APM1 (Thank you DIYDrones).


March 2012,

  I was on the Antarctica Peninsula,

  As in my dream, my Drone fly….



Engine and ESC: HobbyKing

Electronic: APM1 + Original Motherboard (Alim and Elec distribution)

Frame: Original Design, All with carbon fiber.

RC : WBCommander = Original Design, Action Direct by Telemetry ( XBee-Pro 2.4GHz).

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I can't meet Chris, but …

I visit regularly this site since January, 2011, and I was attracted by the quality of the exchanges, the blogs, Wiki, explanations etc. …

Before choosing for a platform, I visited about ten of the other community,

sometimes, more technical, or more playful, more...etc

But !

   nobody is also clear, effective and positive in the communication as DIYDrones,

     Congratulation Chris !

Thanks to your enthusiasm, I have decided to invest in Ardu Pilot Mega, for a new Quadri-copter which I prepare.

Especially, keep this quality level in the communication between the people !


Excuse my poor english, i am french boy !

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