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How do I restart my mission once finished ?

After my plane has flown its waypoints it returns home, as it should. But how can I get it to start the mission again, without having to land and restart ?


So what I want to do is be able to toggle out of auto mode into say manual, then toggle back t

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autopilot goes crazy

Hi all,

First a little background.

Ive been using ardupilot for a while now. I had the original working well, and had flights out to 9km with great success. But then I updated the software and had to start all over. No problem I thought, a good excuse

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Rtl messed up on first boot


On my first power up for some reason RTL is messed up. I always check that this feature works befor I go off flying. But it gets home wrong the first time. If I then disconnect the battery and restart it gets it right.

Anyone have an idea as to why?O

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My first fully auto flight!! Yippeee!

Tonight I had my first fully successful auto flight. What a rush! This is my first foray into autopilots and a rather steep learning curve to start with, but I'm happy to say it was all worth it.

I flew a circuit of 8 way-points, some of different he

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No throttle control


I have managed to get my model (skywalker) flying quite well in both stabilized and fly by wire mode, but I have a problem with the throttle. It doesn't seem to work.

For testing purposes I wired the throttle direct to the rx so I could control it.

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A few questions on setup


I finally got to try my new airframe yesterday. Its the skywalker foam plane that is gaining some popularity especially with the FPV crowd. It seems really stable and a big pussy cat to fly.

Anyway I have a few, probably quite basic questions, on s

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AAARRRRGH I burnt something out! please help

Not having much luck here. I finally got my arduimu programmed right, but when I plugged back in the power wires after removing the programming cable I had the one pin over to the left.

As soon as I attached the batter to the ardupilot ffzzt!!!  somet

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