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This is more big. The flight isn't very stabilize, but it can't crash^_^

I try test a concept of practical flying car.
If you interesting for it, hope we try it together. You can found all source and manual in https://code.google.com/p/single-powerout-aircar/
Probably it became a real flying car :D Or still is a strange flying model ;) However we can try it.

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I made a strange frame, it's not pretty looks, but it really can fly.

It isn't very stable now. I will keep tuning.

My idea is simple, just need one engine take the air into box, then go out from three gas outlet. Three servo control flow rate to make different force. And need a tail blade to control yaw. It's very like CCPM.


frame: Design by myself 
controller/autopilot: APM or MWC
esc: HobbyWing Platinum-60A-PRO
motors: DUALSKY 3548ca-5 850kv
propellers: gws 1045 3-blade
battery: 6S 3600mAh
total weight: about 2000g
radio: Futaba T8FG

This structure can be use all kind of engine, so it probably to build a real practical flying car.

I am not be good at coding, so I just try all kind of FC, try again and again. Now i often use APM and MWC. I want change the code, because this structure can't use the system as same as CCPM, they was liked each other, but not  exactly same. Hope you can help me, give some advice to change code of Heli. Thanks.

more detail: http://spoflycar.blogspot.com/

If you are interest to the frame, you can found all source file(sketchup) in svn on my code.google.

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