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Crash into high voltage transmission line

Hi group,

I had a crash with my Skywalker into a high voltage transmission line (110kV?).
The plane had only minor damage to the canopy.

But the MediaTec GPS seems to be broken. No longer working.

Yesterday I tried a manual flight and everything works fi

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APM 2.5 input port 1 problem

Hi forum

I've interchanged plus/minus connecting the Lipo.
The ESC and the power module had bin killed
and I've replaced them. The plane worked well
for the next two flights. But today the APM
is not showing any reaction to the input signal
on port 1. I've

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3DR power module initial setup

Hi all,

I do not get the power measurement running and need some advice.

My setup
APM 2.5
3DR power module
mission planner 1.3.5
ArduPlane 3.0.3

JP1 not connected
no telemetry, using USB only


The attached pict

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APM2 using 2 ports to ailerons?

Hi forum,

I've a twin with elevator and two aileron servos but no rudder.
With my RC only I connect the two ailerons to dedicated ports.

Using the APM2.5 it seems that I've to use an Y-cable to the
aileron output or is there another setup possible to con

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deviation from waypoint track

Hi forum,

I came along this beautiful flight analysis Wiki entry from Tridge.
But even by this help I can't resolve my current issue.

My plane is an EasyStar comparable plane without using ailerons.
APM2.5 with V2.73.

Testing waypoint flights without any

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