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3d printed GoPro lens mount

Check out my 3d printed GoPro Hero 3 lens mount


Thingiverse link

Works great on QAVs, TBS Disco etc

Planning to add some protection (something like a lens hood maybe) for the lens aswell as a lens cover to keep lens safe during transport.Any other ideas are welcomed.  Still no black plastic , stuck in mail :'(

PS: Shoot me a PM if you're in the area and need some!


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3d printed uBlox GPS case

Made this simple case for the 3dr uBlox GPS

thingiverse link


It's made out of three parts in order to fit a reflector(shield) between the mid and bottom sections.I used thin copper plate but any conductive material should work.

Just ignore bottom part  if you're not going to bother with a shield.

No actual pictures yet, out of plastic :)

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