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zohair commented on Jean-Louis Naudin's blog post The TrIMUpter, a VTOL Tricopter with ArduIMU+ V2 Flat
"Very nice work! Is it possible for me to achieve flight using an arduinu uno, ArduIMU v3, and three 14 Amps batteries???"
Apr 22, 2013
zohair replied to zohair's discussion Batteries on UAV
"Help? lol"
Apr 13, 2013
zohair posted a discussion
I'm making a UAV that has:- Arduino UNO- An ArduIMU v3- Xbee pro s2b module (3.3 volts)- A ccd camera and a wireless camera transmitter, this one…
Apr 10, 2013
zohair posted a discussion
I bought the following:- ArduIMU V3- Three brushless motors- Three servomotors- simple fork shaped plane frame (a brushless motor on each end of the two-teethed fork, and one at the back)Can anyone please explain how can I make a hovering tricopter…
Apr 6, 2013