The SCORPID-500 UAV an OAT controlled VTOL craft

The SCORPID-500 VTOL UAV uses an innovative design based on Gary Gress concept from Gress Aero. The Oblique Active Tilting (OAT) at 45° of the twin engines allows a full pitch control by using the induced gyroscopic moment. Today, the SCORPID-500 UAV prototype has done its first successful flights. Its flight is very stable. This preliminary prototype uses 4 gyroscopes on board and some addtionnal mixers. The next version will be fully stabilised and controlled by a 9 DOF IMU (ArduIUM v2, HMC5843, GPS, firmware TriStab v3...)

by the French VTOL-UAV team (Jean-Louis Naudin and Matthieu Bourdarias)

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