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About Me:
Commercial pilot from 1969-1996 Eyes ears started going retired .
Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest
have had a real flight flight simulator on my computer for a year and a half my boys bought me a radian pro for my birthday I looked it up on line and see people put cameras and such on them stumbled on to your web site looking at different model air craft my boy taped his I pod under the radian and we got 6 minutes of video would be kind of cool to to build a plane just to take pictures When my boys were young we had glow planes and a spirit glider
St Thomas Ontario

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Radian to Multiplex Power transfer

Posted on March 15, 2013 at 10:31pm 5 Comments

This week I was busy making a propeller hub for the Radian pro propeller blades  and welded  the motor mount to the aluminum spine that is going to run down the center of the Multiplex easy Star . The Radian pro motor is a tractor motor. So rather than turn it around and mount it on the Easy Star and run it backwards causing the motor to pull against the mounting bolts…


Aluminum spine for Multiplex Easy Star

Posted on March 7, 2013 at 6:30pm 8 Comments

Hi guys I had an opportunity build the aluminum spine to put between the 2 haves of the Multiplex Easy star this week

What I observed on you tube Foam planes don't stand up to impact very well when they hit the ground they break in half or they suffer from…


Radian pro to Multiplex Easy Star rebuild

Posted on March 1, 2013 at 6:57pm 1 Comment

 ( Sorry for the crappy photo )  It's time to retire the Radian pro after logging over 100 flights in the past year The wings are pretty well mush from flexing so much. Spring is just around the corner and I am going to

"Morph the Radian pro into a Multiplex easy star I live and fly near a significant body of water and there is always a breeze here you get a on…


Back At it

Posted on February 24, 2013 at 7:30pm 4 Comments

It has been a while but I am back at it . I made my first video the other day and with the help of Rainer Keller  and Chris Anderson  I finally figured out the path to post it on here to  show you guys. 

I Got a Midland XTC200 personal action cam strapped it to my Radian Pro and went flying . At my place on the farm there is a 150 foot cliff down to Lake Erie…


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At 9:33am on May 18, 2012, R. D. Starwalt said…

The syncing of the motors is done by the controller, APM2 in the quadrotor mode. To my knowledge there is no tach feedback with the ESC so part of the process for level hovering is getting the register settings in the software set to accomplish that.

The APM2 interprets the stick commands into helicopter analogs and adjusts the rpm of each motor to respond to the flight commands. With fixed pitch props, this is the only way to get the force moments needed to make the craft move in the directions needed.

I lifted the dimension for the parts form the 3DR website - CLICK HERE

The 2nd page says the width is about 25.45 inches tip to tip. I actually haven't measured mine to check.

Orientation? Good question. I painted a red triangle on the corner for a "+" configuration. I will be flying "x" initially as the word on the street says that is best for newbies.

Most likely I will get foam balls painted day-glow and use them for 'front' orientation.

Right now I am raising funds (selling stuff on ebay) to buy the APM2 and the Spektrum AR6210 receiver. Got my DX6i (DSMX version) last week. Until the reciever and APM2 are in hand, I am working on the foam based Nova by Trent of MyGeekShow.

I am getting helicopter/quad stick time with the sim software FMS. Just got my DX6i working with that and it is sweet to sim with the transmitter I will be flying with.

At 6:15pm on May 24, 2012, R. D. Starwalt said…

I have no experience with your question about rear engine pusher aircraft. There may be some NASA research on this but then think about many of Rutan's designs with rear engine drive.

What did you read to think it might be a problem?

At 7:55am on June 6, 2012, Aaron Stedman said…

Sounds Like a pretty cool place to fly. 200ft Cliffs and water would give you some awesome video.  I have to admit I am bit jealous, crop fields are safe flying locations, but the video is boring.

At 8:47pm on June 26, 2012, Maxime Carrier said…

Hi, I have just posted two photos, unfortunately I have no other. So this project is dead, I turn it to tricopter after the crash. Next time I will use foam I think :D Maybe I will launch another plane project after tricopter, I need to make it fly first so I didn't work on it since several week (I broke it 4 time and almost hurt myself seriously last time). I think my software suffer from problem with float precision.
I can't wait to see your progress, I hope you will be able to post new photo ASAP. I no sure to understand, your ducted fan will be electric or glow powered ? I have absolutely no experience with glow engine (I have never seen one in my life lol) so I'm curious to know how long you will be able to fly.
Have a good day !

At 1:35pm on June 27, 2012, Maxime Carrier said…

Guess what, I have decided to work on my tricopter after our discussion. I just plugged the arduino, then plug the battery, then one motor fry !! I have never seen anything like that. Throttle at 0, the motor fry instantaneously, I think the god of tricopter hate me :( lol

At 8:39pm on July 4, 2012, Maxime Carrier said…

I'm waiting for your next post so I'm not patient :D

At 12:40pm on July 15, 2012,
Graham Dyer

Thanks Carl, it's great for long distance flights but not so good in slightly smaller spaces which is where I normally fly. That EPP wing, while big, is heavy. I think I'm at 1.8kg whereas it's predecessor was around 1.2kg. Toying with an idea for a very light MKIII at the moment for slower FPV flight. Regards from South Africa. Graham

At 5:42pm on August 28, 2012, Maxime Carrier said…
That's cool to know your project progress but I admit I woukd like to see some new photos :D
At 8:19pm on October 14, 2012, Maxime Carrier said…

No update since long time, how are you and your project ? :D

At 9:24pm on November 4, 2012, Maxime Carrier said…

Hi Carl, have you ever flown a flying wing ?

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