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APM2.6 crashing

Started this discussion. Last reply by Søren Kuula Feb 16, 2014. 3 Replies

Hi,I have bought 2x APM2.6, 2x PM and 2x GPS with compass from DIYDrones store.Tried to initially set up one set today. I have attached a PPM receiver on Ch5, cutting and resoldering the PPM jumper…Continue

What's going on ... no ailerons except in MANUAL

Started this discussion. Last reply by Søren Kuula Aug 27, 2013. 2 Replies

Hi, I have ArduPlane 2.47b on an APM1 (all I have left, haha) in a glider.Radio is calibrated. IMU is okay.Problem: Ailerons are centered in all modes except MANUAL, no matter what I do with the…Continue

PX4 discards parameters after power-off?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Søren Kuula Aug 23, 2013. 1 Reply

Hi,What is that with my PX4? I have ArduPlane 2.74 on it, I connect to it in MP and set things, all OK. Then write setting, disconnect, cycle power just to test, and all parameters are back at…Continue

HUD h'zon pitching on airspeed change, why?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Søren Kuula Aug 29, 2013. 3 Replies

Hi,I have tried to search, but as has been discussed the forum search is broke..In ArduPlane 2.74 and possibly also with older versions: When I blow into my pitot tube, I see the horizon showing a…Continue


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Latest Activity

Muhammad Abdul Hadi replied to Søren Kuula's discussion How to restart waypoint flight?
"Hi, we had the same issue.......the way we did it is to 1- add another waypoint after the last... 2- select and change that waypoint to a jump.... 3- change the number of jumps to the number of rounds you want the plane to continue... 4- switch back…"
Jan 7, 2015
harmic replied to Søren Kuula's discussion How to restart waypoint flight?
"Just in case someone stumbles across this .. MIS_RESTART:  Controls mission starting point when entering Auto mode (either restart from beginning of mission or resume from last command run)  0:Resume Mission  1:Restart Mission"
Jan 6, 2015
Søren Kuula commented on Eric Compas's blog post APM response to catastrophic air frame/wing failure?
"Implementing autopilot behavior switch on an already dead airframe - would that not introduce more risk than it would mitigate? Like if it falsely triggers etc. But it would be nice to have a working post crash detection and shutdown, which might…"
Dec 8, 2014
Søren Kuula commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post USA Trip - Day 5 - The End
"Rana, have you seen the implementation of how the automatic altitude deduction is made? It is (in my opinion and experience anyway) too complicated, too error prone and too confusing. Among other things, APM keeps a variable of the home altitude, MP…"
Dec 8, 2014
Søren Kuula commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post USA Trip - Day 5 - The End
"Love your initiative :) - But do always use absolute altitude, unless you just fly a small copter in small circles. I learned it the hard way too, in Swiss mtns."
Dec 6, 2014
Martin replied to Søren Kuula's discussion Mission Planner toughened for high latency/loss connections & more tolerant connecting
"Would you mind updating to the latest version? I also tried telemetry over GPRS, but gave up on it, because it was impossible to read or write a mission with more than a few waypoints. I would love to give GPRS another try."
Dec 5, 2014
Søren Kuula replied to Kristian's discussion Almost got killed in the office today. Log file attached..
"Did u accidentally plug it back in reversed? Yeah I had similar experiences with smaller copters. One with an APM1 leapt off a table and kamikazed into the costliest enemy installation around, my laptop. Turns out that under some circumstances, it…"
Oct 28, 2014
Søren Kuula replied to Jerry Hatrick's discussion Massive instability on take off.
"Was gonna say the same. It looks sooo much like a 45 degrees off error, ie, an X copter configured as a + or opposite. OP please check that. And you can remove propellers and check that only the front one motor (+) or both front motors (X) speed up…"
Oct 27, 2014
Søren Kuula replied to airmazingvideo.com's discussion Pixhawk with BaseCam (AlexMos) SimpleBGC Gimbal
"Hi, The last time I looked, the gimbal control code in ArduCopter was for controlling an old style servo gimbal, with stabilisation and all. The SimpeBGC does not need any of that. I suggest you run a servo wire directly from your receiver to the…"
Oct 8, 2014
Søren Kuula commented on Søren Møller Dath's blog post Aerial mapping and surveillance of agricultural fields at Aarhus University
"Hi, Well fell free to ask me. I an an AU alumni :) - Computer Science. I am not in Aarhus any longer though. I never had the Bormatecs but I know them from a friend. He cut his Maja up and moved a section or the forward fuselage to the rear, to get…"
Sep 25, 2014
Søren Kuula commented on bigkahuna's blog post I may have just witnessed the future of personal drones...not sure if I like it
"Don't worry too much, what happened there is not the future. It is a phenomenon that will end as soon the novelty wears off and those, ah, idiots will find some other way to believe they appear cool. Also, the photos or vids from 10 ft over…"
Jul 22, 2014
Søren Kuula replied to David's discussion 3DR Power Module Limits
"Hi, I also think that sounds a little be extreme, even for that weight. There may be room for improvement."
Jul 15, 2014
Søren Kuula replied to Patrick B Lawler's discussion Firmware connection failure
"Hi, firmware update works only through USB. The reason is that the bootloader, which is the only software component that can do the job, is only active for a second or so after reset. The USB serial port on APM and on Arduinos is therefore made…"
Jul 15, 2014
Søren Kuula commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New APM-powered ready-to-fly FPV plane
"It's quite some larger (198 cm) than an Easy Star and looks okay. The small pusher props are neither very powerful nor efficient though. I once cut the whole tail off my ES and glued a thin balsa tailboom under the fuselage to make space…"
Jul 8, 2014
Søren Kuula replied to Hugo Pereira's discussion The luckiest fly away ever
"Hi, funny story but really you have now learned that YOU and not the SW is the pilot in command. Please learn to fly it well manually, so well that you are confident to take over in manual any time. Also when it's nose in etc. Regards"
Jul 2, 2014
Søren Kuula replied to Guerrilla Drone's discussion APM 2.6 Orange Blinking Light
"Hi, I vaguely remember having been in this situation and having pulled the SD card out and read the boot.log file. And having found useful information there about a HW error I had, which caused it (bad compass wires in my case). I also remember that…"
Jun 25, 2014

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About Me:
M. Sc. computer science
3 year MikroKopter pilot
Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest
Multicopters for fun (aerobatics). Winged drones for photo (still in contruction).

Søren Kuula's Blog

Externally accessible pins APM1 and APM2

Posted on August 26, 2013 at 6:00pm 2 Comments

If somebody else had ideas about using old APM1's and soon to become old APM2's for some different purpose than autopiloting - probably you will want to connect some hardware, right?

I have gone through what I could find of documentation, and measured what was not documented.

Here is a brief overview of the connections on APM1 and APM2 that are available, once…


Sticky Home Experiment

Posted on August 20, 2013 at 1:03pm 11 Comments

I wrote a feature for ArduPlane that allows the home position to be somewhere else than where the APM was started. This is useful for flight under "flying line" rules or if you want to ready your plane in one place and fly it from another.

The feature was requested and discussed …


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