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At 1:55am on September 3, 2018, Charles Linquist said…

The Amazon server is necessary for two or three reasons:  

Verizon doesn't accept incoming data connections.  You can't automatically send data to a cell phone without the cell phone "answering" the call and then the person answering the call must request the data.

Also, both "ends" have dynamic ip addresses (just try to get a static ip address on your phone!).  To connect, both ends must know the ip address of the other end. While you could use something like dyDNS, that involves another step. 

By using the Amazon server, the "flyer" contacts a name (ec2...) and the ground station contacts the same name. The server then connects both ends transparently. 

And, while it isn't absolutely necessary, the Amazon server can handle encryption.  Both ends can easily use SSH protocol.  The server greatly simplifies end-to-end encryption.

At 7:15am on September 3, 2018, Tom Ferguson said…

Thank you for your reply. This is good conversation. I recently watched a YouTube video about a soft mod to a Parrat Dusco to operate over 4G/LTE and watched as both telemetry and FOV were transmitted. There was no discussion about setting up a server connection. See

Do you think the server connection is being handled by the softmod in the background? I’d don’t have a Disco UAV I have a hex but I’d like to comment over 4G. How do you think your solution varies from the Disco method?

At 8:13am on September 3, 2018, Tom Ferguson said…
I think the answer is they are using ZeroTier as a tunnel to create a virtual network. If so ZeroTier is a free. Is there a fee using Amazon server. I assume the principal is the same.
At 2:17pm on September 4, 2018, Tom Ferguson said…

I tried to read through many of your posts on the 4G subject. I am sold on your plan to monetize your solution. If you are taking names to put on your customer list include mine. Ideally I’d like to not use the RPI3 on the aircraft, if there is another way. For instance by using the onboard Edison on the Pixhawk 2.1. Of course I’d like to see the GC packaging and the aircraft side.
BTW the Parrot Disco and Bebop have a mod to use 4G there is a YouTube video of a guy flying across one of the Channels between islands in Hawaii. Let me know how I can follow you.

At 12:15pm on September 6, 2018, Tom Ferguson said…

Verizon says the E3372 isn’t compatible with their network. Did you have issues when you got your SIM card. 

At 11:25am on September 7, 2018, Tom Ferguson said…

I received the SIM from Verizon. I tried to test it on my laptop but it doesn't connect to Verizon. It shows up as a network adapter and active but no internet. Is this normal? I assume once I have a connection to the AWS it will connect or do I need to establish a connection to Verizon first?

At 11:31am on September 7, 2018, Tom Ferguson said…

BTW, I should have checked, I'm using the Huawei E3372 USB 4GLTE adapter. I don't remember if you provided a list of adapters to put on the UAV.

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