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Definitive Guide to Setup Drone Delivery System

Commercial drones are now becoming a mainstream technology, with the 2020 pandemic serving as a showcase for how drones can save human lives.

Drones have been used for delivery long before Amazon announced its Prime Air service. Founded in 2011, Zipline, a US-based company focused on medical drone deliveries became the pioneer in long-distance drone delivery, with distribution centers in Rwanda and Ghana. With an exponential…


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Fighter Hand launch fixed wing

The fighter is a fixed-wing flight platform , which is easy to carry,friendly to operate,stable and durable.The fighter is positioned as a heavy-duty,long-endurance…


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Fighter VTOL 4+1 fixed wing

The fighter is a 10kg fixed-wing flight platform (hand parachute/VTOL), which is easy to carry,friendly to operate,stable and durable.The fighter is positioned as a heavy-duty,long-endurance fixed wing,which greatly reduces the difficulty of aerial survey,further liberates productivity and improves the…


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How to create a beautiful drone show presentation using nothing but a simple animation and Drone Show Software

Within the bustling world of drones there are always open opportunities to be followed and a drone show service is certainly one of them. Even if you don’t have the funding or the technical knowledge of…


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Multi-Cam Drone Video Usage for Security, Inspections & Public Safety

Drones with cameras have both commercial and recreational applications. For commercial use-cases, the ability to live stream videos, with low latency, is crucial for the effective use of drones. This enables enterprise stakeholders to see things happening far away, in near-real-time, from a bird’s eye view. Many industries, sectors, and use-cases…


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Enhance Drone for Night Surveillance with Thermal Imaging Camera

Drone technology has witnessed a rapid maturity curve - with regards to not only hardware and software technology but also the use cases across industries and sectors. Consumer drones have gone past the typical use in film production and recreational uses. These prosumer off-the-shelf drones are now solving complex business problems - for example,…


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3D Robotics
Using neural network to correct the errors in low-cost indoor localization technology

Some academics at the University of Toronto have released a paper showing different techniques in correcting the position errors in the Crazyflie ultrawideband-based indoor localization tech.  None of them are perfect, but it's interesting to see what works best


Accurate indoor localization is a crucial enabling technology for many…


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3D Robotics
Very cool DIY F35

Not a drone (yet), but DIY and very well done. From Hackaday:

he advent of affordable gear for radio-controlled aircraft has made the hobby extremely accessible, but also made it possible to build some very complex…


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Using Drones for Automated Aerial Surveillance & Security

Observational surveillance systems rely on the capabilities of the cameras employed, but the main limiting factor is the stationary nature of the cameras in a traditional surveillance system. Now, surveillance can be achieved utilizing drones; it can be not only cost-effective but also accomplish the desired outcome more safely, efficiently and at a much larger scale.…


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Do These Application Make Any Sense? Drones and the Coronavirus

We don’t have all the answers, but we do have serious questions about some of the applications that several drone companies and others are promoting in response to COVID-19. Some of these applications need to be debunked.…


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MAVLink UDP Android Example

This app makes your phone behave like MAVLink vehicle. You can connect to it using QGroundControl over UDP. The device must be either connected to the same local network, have a Wi-Fi hotspot running or a public IP address. You can also try connecting to it while using VPN. Once connected, the phone starts emitting heartbeat and information about device's…


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Study case : Drones against forest fire

Here is an example of how professional drones can help firefighters during forest fires. Airbot was engaged to provide a bird's eye view and crucial informations on burning surfaces and fire travel. The drone is one of the best…


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Project Log 9 | Autonomous Glider from High Altitude balloon

This project aims to autonomously return a glider from a high altitude balloon (100,000 feet). I just wrapped up “proof of concept” autonomous glides dropped from a hexacopter. We’re ready for 18,000 foot class E flight testing, pending how our talks with the faa begins and ends.

Heres the video! Let me know what you guys think.

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You partner in composite manufacturing

Many DIY flying projects require professional composite manufacturing.

I would like to introduce our company to you as a partner in the production of composite parts for UAV, ULA, satellites as good as a marine ship and boats.
The main direction of the activities of our company is services for the design,…

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Using Drones to Maintain Social Distancing During a Lockdown

In the wake of the recent COVID-19 outbreak which has affected almost every nation, government organizations and law-enforcement agencies are in search of an effective solution to fight this pandemic with minimal human interaction.

Drones seem to be an appropriate solution to tackle this menace. Apart from the transportation of emergency medical & pharmaceutical supplies, health-kits and blood…


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ArduCopter-Sitl for artificial intelligence

This video demonstrates a modified ArduPilot-Gazebo simulation for artificial intelligence (AI). A ROS subscriber is implemented with a AI python script. A human walking actor is added in Gazebo to simulate a human obstacle. More details can be found at my…


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4 Ways Drones Help Authorities & Businesses Fight COVID-19

COVID-19 i.e. the coronavirus disease has been aptly called the Black Swan of 2020 — a global contagion that will disrupt public health and the global economy. With social distancing…


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Remote Drone Operations in times of Covid-19

Many commercial drone operations rely on several people in the field: usually a pilot, a payload/camera operator and sometimes additional domain experts depending on the mission type. In times of a pandemic - as we have it with Covid-19 at the moment - you want to avoid people being outside or travel as much as possible. But some drone operations can't be postponed - for example inspection of critical infrastructure, Search & Rescue or curfew enforcement. In this situations staff in the…


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Drone obstacle avoidance in 2003: 264 pixels and 8-bit processors

Figure 1: (left) Foam drone with optical flow sensor mounted under a wing, Summer 2001. (right) Foam drone with optical flow sensors for attempted obstacle avoidance, Summer 2002.

Today it is universally acknowledged that drones operating close to the ground need some sort of obstacle avoidance. What I am about to tell is the story of our own…


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Image result for drone cargo ardupilot

The world is entering in a temporal crisis.

Now the colaborative economy and tecnological comunities are more

neded than ever.

 in Spain a big group of makers and experts have created in a few weeks a very neded product in thease days for people wih expecial neds

because is cheap, and fast to build, the proces is almost finishing with the aprovals of Spain health autorities.. you can check that heare..:



Added by Alberto Vila on March 18, 2020 at 1:14pm — 1 Comment

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