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The first FPV racing at ShangHai ,China on 18th.March.2018

On March 18, the 2018 through the machine race contest opening ceremony - Shanghai International Automobile City through the machine race contest, held in Shanghai International Automobile City in Jiading, Shanghai. Twelve leading manufacturers from Japan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Jiangxi, and Dongguan used the event's custom drones: FK MK1 staged an air F1 racing competition. ZTW Brushless ESC…


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10 km high flight with a 1kg quadcopter!

I was quite surprised to see a quadcopter flying that high! It was done by Денис Корякин as shown on his youtube channel.


Receiver: TrueRC 5.8GHz X²-AIR Antenna RHCP

FPV glasses: Furious True-D V3.5 Diversity Receiver System

Video transmission: Antenna FOXEER Thor 60mm…


Added by Charles Blouin on March 19, 2018 at 7:30pm — 14 Comments

Wireless Power Network For Drones: Behind The Scene Of GET Tech

About GET

GET is the world leader in distance wireless power transmission. An electrically powered drone can recharge and fly indefinitely via efficient safe high power in-flight rapid recharging in a GET power hotspot. The company’s distance wireless charging technologies uniquely enable drone delivery and many…


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SinoGNSS K-family GNSS OEM Boards by ComNav Technology Ltd.

ComNav Technology Ltd. develops and manufactures multi-constellation, multi-frequency GNSS RTK/PPK engine boards and receivers for ultimate high precision positioning applications. With more than 100000 pieces boards delivered to the market and their successful application during past 6 years, ComNav Technology Ltd. is…


Added by Wade Zhang on March 18, 2018 at 8:19pm — 2 Comments

Detailed Inspection of 18km, 138kV Transmission Line by Automated Drone


In Spring 2017, Aeriosense provided its services to Allteck Line Contractors Inc., an industry leader in transmission line maintenance whose expertise ranges from design and installation to maintenance and repair of high-voltage infrastructure. Allteck was looking to achieve more efficient, more cost-effective detailed inspection of high-voltage transmission lines.

Using Aeriosense's automated drone inspection solution on an 18 km, 138kV…


Added by Kyle on March 16, 2018 at 3:30pm — 2 Comments

How to Build a FPV Racing Quadcopter!

Thanks to Lumenier for providing parts for this build: After learning about the world of FPV quadcopter racing, we couldn't wait to build our own. With the help of Lumenier and FPV quadcopter flyer Charpu, we learn about all the components needed to build a solid mini racing quadcopter for…


Added by ZTW Brushless ESC on March 16, 2018 at 2:00am — No Comments

Disturbance Rejection with Incremental Control of Accelerations

Wind Gusts

Drones have the potential to perform many useful tasks, such as search and rescue, package delivery and aerial imaging. But in order to perform these tasks in an outdoor environment, the vehicles need to be able to control their position under the influence of wind gusts. This is especially true when flying…


Added by Ewoud Smeur on March 15, 2018 at 10:21am — 6 Comments

Free Aerial Imagery Data (Personal/Commercial Use)

Free Aerial Imagery Data Collection JPGs, GeoTIFFs and Point Clouds!

We've updated our sample data page with a number of new drone based aerial imagery collections. These are available for personal and commercial use! We would love to hear…


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Servo Redundancy

I continue to develop my "full scale" gas powered, variable pitch quad-copter.

After watching the video below at 

Amazing DIY Projects

I realized (more vividly) how…


Added by Randy Sonnicksen on March 14, 2018 at 7:12am — 11 Comments

obstacle avoidance using a convolution neural network

Recently I started working on convolutional neural networks (cnn) for obstacle avoidance. With the help of "DroNet" from ETH Zurich and the "Deep Learning for Computer Vision" book from Adrian Rosebrock, I managed to build my first cnn algorithm for obstacle avoidance. The cnn module is written in python, using a keras…


Added by andre van calster on March 12, 2018 at 5:30am — 13 Comments

IR Laser Night Vision Zoom Camera For Drone

Sky Eye-12NLT is one 1080P 12X zoom camera designed for multirotors to conduct night vision mission like inspection,surveillance,search and rescue,due to its powerful night vision capability.It consists of one 1080P 12X stellar zoom camera and an IR laser illuminator served as an auxiliary IR light for the zoom camera.The 12X stellar zoom…


Added by yangdaonline on March 11, 2018 at 11:09pm — 1 Comment

GigE and USB3 module for FLIR TAU2

FLIR TAU2 is very common used LWIR thermal imaging sensor in the area of UAV industry. That sensor offer fully radiometrics signal, but FLIR TAU2 standard output is only a analog video signal. This is a little frustrating: FLIR TAU2 could also be used as a high-quality thermal imaging camera, but there is a lack…


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3D Robotics
Cool landscape photography with a 3DR Solo and high-powered lights

Really interesting technique from Reuben Wu of the band Ladytron, who uses a 3DR Solo carrying bright lights to illuminate landscapes in ways that otherwise wouldn't be possible. 



Added by Chris Anderson on March 10, 2018 at 5:32pm — 2 Comments

The UDB5mini is now available from Octopilot!

The UAV Dev Board was an early entry to the DIY autopilot world, designed by Bill Premerlani along with SparkFun.  The hardware went through 5 revisions over the years to incorporate better and better sensors, with the 5th generation, the UDB5, serving pilots and developers well for a long time, along with…


Added by Ben Levitt on March 9, 2018 at 11:29am — 6 Comments

Nomination for Drone Innovation Start-up Contest 2018

If you have a promising startup in the navigation and drone industry, you will likely be interested in and eligible for a Drone Innovation Start-up Contest powered by KryptoLabs, offering a chance to win $500,000 investment.


The top 5 finalist will get a round-trip for two team members from their home country to Abu Dhabi in order to pitch for the $500,000 and they will have the ability to…


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DIY Drone Bike

This is a high-quality, efficient brushless electronic speed control with an integrated switch-mode BEC. It can operate without the need for a separate receiver battery to power your servos and receivers, saving you weight and complication. GECKO series also include ESC OPTO for giant flying. This series of ESCs also features an exposed,…


Added by ZTW Brushless ESC on March 7, 2018 at 7:51pm — 3 Comments

3D Robotics
Indoor positioning with OpenMV cam

A cool project from Kaz Kojima uses an OpenMV cam to track a drone, like a poor man's Vicon system:


Screen shot of opemMV…


Added by Chris Anderson on March 5, 2018 at 7:40pm — 4 Comments

python3 Tello

Added by neolu on March 2, 2018 at 10:00am — No Comments

Multi Vehicle Simulation with Qgroundcontrol

Recently I made a simulation with the help of px4 developer guide and forum. This is just a simulation. Soon experiment with real flights as I get 2 more quads. 

Added by Yograj Singh Mandloi on March 2, 2018 at 4:30am — 2 Comments

Flight Test For Eagle Eye-10IE 10X EO/IR Drone Zoom Camera

Eagle Eye-10IE is a 3-axis high stabilized gimbal with EO(electro-optical) and IR(infrared) sensors for drone inspection,surveillance,search and rescue applications.The 10X zoom camera provides 1080P 60FPS full HD video streaming and up to 120X zoom capability,which will enable you to capture every detail in the air.While the thermal camera…


Added by yangdaonline on February 28, 2018 at 11:20pm — 4 Comments

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