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The Future of Agricultural Drones

Where is the agricultural drone industry headed?

Agriculture is the second largest commercial market for drones after construction, and contributes $32 billion worth of services to farmers, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers, and…


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3 Sleeper Industries Drones are About to Change Surprisingly Fast


While drone contributions to surveying and monitoring progress at construction sites may seem like an incremental update, it’s actually going to be revolutionary. An enormous amount of material waste and landfill bulk comes from construction. If managers are able to save money, reduce waste and improve their strategy through…


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CNC Machine 6040 for 650€

Ever wondered how to cut wood, plastic, thin carbon fiber pieces in order to make you drone frame, the ribs for your fixed wing plane or whatever you are trying to fabricate?

Check this new CNC out: …


Added by Nicolai Valenti on February 22, 2019 at 1:30pm — 3 Comments

GET in-flight drone charging system was revealed at CES 2019

I'm proud to share Leonid Plekhanov, our CEO interview at CES'2019:

We showcased our GET Air product at CES'2019 (first time ever!). Please take a look at photo-video report on our website — really good piece of information where you can see our system in industrial design: …

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Agricultural drone sprayer for citrus growers, why not use it?

Citrus as a high-efficiency economic crop, various social capitals have poured in and invested, so the Agricultural drone sprayer is not to be outdone, but also flooded in. As a cash crop that requires fine management, citrus has a high incidence of pests and diseases, so a year, citrus growers need to invest in a small number of pesticides. The traditional method of spraying drugs is to use the steam/diesel engine as the power, press the potion to the atomizing nozzle, and…


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3D Robotics
QGroundControl 3.5 released

Congrats to the QGroundControl team who have just released version 3.5 of my fave GCS. Along with a lot of bug fixes, these are the new features:

  • Overall
    • Added Airmap integration to QGC. OSX build only.
    • Bumped settings version…

Added by Chris Anderson on February 20, 2019 at 1:19pm — 2 Comments

Livox Mid-40 LiDAR short review

Hi guys! Recently I had a chance to experiment with Livox Mid-40 - a 230 m range LiDAR using rotational Risley Prisms.

I thought I would share my findings with the community in case it can be considered a viable scanning solution!

The first thing to note about this unit is the weight of 710g that could be a blocker for smaller UAVs. The scanning field of view is 38.4° (circular) and the scanning pattern is as follows:…


Added by Mateusz Sadowski on February 18, 2019 at 12:30am — 5 Comments

New thermal camera for from Workswell Labs

Workswell WIRIS Security is a thermal camera for drones (UAV or pilotless planes) designed specifically for security applications, such as building and perimeter surveillance, searching for missing persons, firefighting operations, field research, searching for and counting wildlife…


Added by Workswell on February 7, 2019 at 3:00am — 1 Comment

Pioneering steps into fixed wing - water landing drones in marine ecology

Melissa Schiele, MSc student from Imperial College London, joined the 2018 May expedition to the British Indian Ocean Territory to use fixed wing amphibious drones to look at megafauna distribution across the Chagos Archipelago. @explorer_mel




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Global Drone Logistics and Transportation Market Analysis

According to Verified Market Research, The Global Drone Logistics and Transportation Market are projected to reach USD 21.52 billion by 2025.

What is Drone Logistics and Transportation?

Drone Logistics and Transportation involve the use of robots to automate the 3D printing process. The…


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Global UAV Drones Market Analysis, Trends & Forecast To 2025

Global UAV Drones Market Analysis

According to research firm  Verified Market Research, the global UAV Drones market was valued at USD 13.93 billion in 2017 and is projected to reach USD 49.37 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 17.22% from 2018 to 2025.

What are UAV Drones?

UAV drones, or unmanned aerial…


Added by Alexander petrex on January 29, 2019 at 11:30pm — 2 Comments

3 Craziest Things Your Drone Can Do

Drone Fishing

Believe it or not the whole concept of "drone fishing" is becoming a growing movement across the world. Individuals who are enthusiastic about both fishing and technology are utilizing their drones for "remote line casting". Now people can base on a beach and get…


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Drone Rule changes Registration Down Under

Drone rule changes Registration down under!

time to refuse to pay governments for nothing!! time for civil disobedience on registration world wide . 

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3D Robotics
Is it a rocket? A ducted fan-copter? Both?

I dunno which it is, but it's really DIY and interesting, and that's all that counts. From Hackaday:

Quadcopters are familiar, and remote control planes are old hat at this point. However, compact lightweight power…


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Skywalker New Catapult On Sale for Fixed Wings

Skywalker are  launched new catapult for professional mapping survey at the

beginning of 2019.

     It is really amazing masterpiece at first sight. It looks superb and professional

design with aluminum alloy material. It is best choice…


Added by Ellen Zhu on January 22, 2019 at 6:30am — 1 Comment

Comparing Precision of Autopilots for Survey Missions - The Results


We’ve reached the final chapter in our series of articles in which we compare the precision of different drone autopilots from various manufacturers.

All drones were flown on a typical area scan route created using UgCS flight planning software and compared in terms of how…


Added by Kristaps Brass on January 22, 2019 at 3:00am — 7 Comments

Wireless Broadband Solutions for Unmanned Aerial Systems

State-of-the-art MIMO for long range video streaming

Doodle Labs has an…


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4 Secrets to Keeping Your Drone in Great Condition

Welcome to the wonderful world of drones. If you've just gotten your first drone, you’re in for a real treat, so get ready to enjoy the experience.

Perform Pre-Flight Procedures

Like any…


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