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Companion computers 7 years ago - and the industry is just getting there!

We just realized how prevailing our system from 2009 still is: Marker based position hold and vision based pattern detection, all onboard, with a full companion architecture. Its great to start to see more of that more broadly, in particular in the open source space.

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PX4 VTOL Update

PX4 has been supporting tailsitters [video], tilt rotors [video] and…


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A detailed look at Pixracer

The video below (enable audio!) shows a detailed overview of the new Pixracer flight controller.

It is the 4th generation of the Pixhawk flight controller family (make: FMUv4) and like the first generations designed by the Pixhawk…


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PX4 / Gazebo / VTOL Progress

PX4 has been flying Tailsitters, Tiltrotors and Quad Planes since last summer (instructions here), but we didn't get around to add support to our 3D Gazebo based simulator until now. As its standard-compliant MAVLink its easy to reuse and we've made it part of …


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Fly any VTOL Geometry with PX4

The PX4 flight stack has an unique architecture: It uses a single codebase and mission logic for all vehicle types.

This allows us to easily support VTOL vehicles of any kind: Tailsitters with just two rotors, Tiltrotors and quad planes [INSTRUCTIONS TO BUILD YOUR OWN …


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High accuracy auto-landing using the Albatross UAV and PX4 Flight Stack

The PX4 development has in the past been focused on smaller planes and wings not requiring a runway, but with lasers available for some time now it adding runway support made sense. We focused on high accuracy, as can be seen in the video. The plane is nice composite model and a Kickstarter project, the …


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PX4 supports tilt-rotor and tailsitter VTOL airframes

Progress on VTOL for the PX4 Flight Core: Full forward and back transitions now with tailsitters and tilt-rotors.

We have now full VTOL support for tilt-rotors, in addition to tailsitters, which were introduced six months ago (video). People interested in flying these…


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PX4 Flight Stack ROS 3D Software in the Loop Simulation (SITL)

This is a preview of the upcoming high fidelity simulation capabilities and native ROS / Linux port of the PX4 flight stack. It includes simulated cameras, inertial sensors, flight physics and even sensors like laser rangefinders. The same software running during software in the loop simulation can also be executed on a Linux computer for live flight, and leverages the…


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PX4 - Call for VTOL test pilots

Call for VTOL test pilots! The PX4 standard firmware (master branch, downloadable via QGroundControl) supports first VTOL vehicle (duo-rotor, tail sitter). This video demonstrates the transition from hover - fixed wing - hover. Contact: …


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Adding optical flow to the mix

Having started as a crazy idea for just a small side project, the optical flow sensor quickly hacked together (we conduct our research on other topics) by a group of PhDs is now adopted by more and more systems. And because its an useful tool for research (not so much a research contribution), it made even a…


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Iris to go

The very low cost ruggedized case MAX 505S (complete series) nicely fits the Iris with props unmounted. This is…


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Pixhawk Details #4: Audio adds Safety

This video illustrates a bit better why we believe the safety switch, buzzer and multicolor led help to greatly improve ground and air safety. The video just showcases a few new key safety features and is not a complete reference / mapping, as blink patterns might differ depending…


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Pixhawk Details #3: Digital airspeed sensor, multicolor led and USB

The above picture shows PX4 Airspeed (in fact its so new this is even a picture of a (proven) prototype), a small, digital airspeed sensor. If features a Measurement Specialties (coincidentally swiss, too) 4525DO sensor, with 1 psi measurement range (roughly up to 100 m/s or 360 km/h or 223 mp/h). Its…


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Pixhawk Details #2: Multicolor led and connector demo

Due to popular request, this post features a video of the multicolor led in action, and a second video how to single-handedly unplug DF13 connectors.

This tutorial page again summarizes how to unplug and shows an alternative strategy in…


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Pixhawk Details #1: Overview of the PX4 board series (old and new)

The new PX4 Pixhawk module is an evolvement of the existing FMU and IO modules and completely compatible. The main difference is the target…


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PX4 and 3D Robotics present Pixhawk: An Advanced, User-Friendly Autopilot

Almost exactly one year after the first PX4 announcement, we would like to introduce our newest member of the family, Pixhawk! For those familiar with the existing PX4 electronics, it is…


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PX4FLOW Position Hold Beta and Source Code Release

Our new video shows position hold (the position can be moved on the fly, so its actually full position control) using the PX4FMU autopilot plus …


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First Autonomous Flight Results on PX4 / Waypoints

Just some very early results, but here we go with our first autonomous onboard video. This is the PX4 native stack flying a stock Bormatec Camflyer Q (estimation and…


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PX4 as Student and Research Platform

The image shows the successful flight of an extremely simple fixed wing controller tutorial (flies GPS waypoints or in manual mode, has support for MAVLink parameters, runs automatically synchronized to the attitude filter). Simple can mean many things, in this case we are…


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PX4FLOW Release

Finally the last missing board from the PX4 series has been released, the PX4FLOW smart camera module. It can replace GPS in indoor and outdoor applications and provides a metric position close to the ground with only very little drift. It is essentially a microcontroller…


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Season Two of the Trust Time Trial (T3) Contest 
A list of all T3 contests is here. The current round, the Vertical Horizontal one, is here

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