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PX4 Flight Mode Switching / Navigation State Machine

We purposefully started from scratch for the PX4 native stack flight mode switching and navigation state machine, and looked at APM/ACM, Mikrokopter, Paparazzi, Asctec, many research systems / papers and some more unlisted opn source systems (this is only for the native PX4 software stack and does not apply to monolithic ports, like e.g. the APM/ACM…

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PX4 Platform Update

There has been recently news about uses of PX4 (APM/ACM port and James Gopperts post on state estimation control), its time to recap the platform state and to give an overview of the current roadmap. There are a few important hardware highlights:

PX4 as a platform tries to provide more robustness (on the hardware level), more flexibility and…


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Quick PX4 Tutorial: RC calibration with Mission Planner

The next few posts in our tutorial series cover the setup of the PX4 autopilot for flight. The first step is to set up RC and telemetry. Here is a RC calibration video with Mission Planner showing the interoperability (due to MAVLink 1.0) of PX4 and APM.




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PX4 Toolchain Introduction Video

To make getting started with PX4 a bit easier, we've compiled an installation video for the Windows installer. The setup instructions for Eclipse are also valid for Mac OS and Linux.

Note that toolchain means a packaged selection of…


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PX4 Flight and Features Video (Introduction post #2)

This platform overview video shows quadrotors in flight, fixed wing hardware in the loop simulation and a novel experimental aircraft. It also introduces all PX4 hardware modules (available…


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Introducing the PX4 autopilot system

The PX4 team is pleased to announce early availability of the PX4 autopilot platform, with hardware available immediately from 3D Robotics. 

The platform is a low cost, modular, open hardware and software design targeting high-end research, hobby and industrial autopilot applications.

PX4 is an expandable, modular system…


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