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CNN Article on Drone UAV Photography

A refreshing piece on positive uses for UAVs on CNN. Mentionas DIY Drones. And positive responses in the comments sections, oh yeah!

Link to full article and video: Videos from…


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Orange Hawk VTOL Update December 2013

I've been several months under the radar, being pretty elusive. My apologies to all who are or have been hoping for more information. I noticed this morning that there have been a consistent number of views of my goofy Introduction video (See here:…


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Wired Article on the AUVSI Domestic Drone Meeting

From Wired:

For a day, a sandy-haired Virginian named Jeremy Novara was the hero of the nascent domestic drone industry.

Novara went to the microphone at a ballroom in a Ritz-Carlton outside Washington, D.C. on Wednesday and did something many in his business want to do: tenaciously challenge the drone regulators at the Federal Aviation Administration to loosen…


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Check it Out! FPV, Multicopters used in a Discovery Documentary

I just noticed on Popular Science that Discovery Channel is putting out a new documentary called "Winged Planet". Looking at the previews, I was delighted to see that they have built a FPV Vulture with HiDef cameras, and they also used a multicopter for other shots.

Detailed here:…


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Sense and Avoid Presentation

As I was going over my portfolio tonight, I noticed this presentation which I gave for my Technical Writing class at BYU. I figured I should post it here for any insights it may bring for others. Presentation attached below as a pdf.....



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My T3 Entry


Catagory: Fixed Wing- 125cm Flying Wing

Total Time: 1:40.


This is the 3rd or 4th time I've flown my wing with the APM. (And my first experience flying with the APM.) Tuning is still in progress, but I've been very impressed with the system thus far. The stock PID gains have worked pretty well. For the run entered here, the speed was set…


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Ground Locomotion: Crawling Quadrotors and MultiCopters


One area of multi-rotor UAV research that has been barely scratched is ground locomotion. The definition of ground locomotion is the use of systems built into the flight vehicle to move on the ground, likely without using the flight propulsive systems. Basically, this is what you get when you combine a UAV with a UGV. The following points illustrate the…


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Google Earth UAV/FPV Flight Model

In between school and work tonight, I decided to try out the Google Earth flight simulator mode. It looks like the joystick issue I remember it as always having has been fixed in the most recent version, or at least, for the Saitek Cyborg Evo series.

I decided to try modifying the .acf file that configures the "aircraft". This file is located in (Root…


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Aggressive Quadrotor Maneuvers

Just received this link from my professor. Pretty cool… Continue

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Alpha-Beta Sensor Probe w/o Pitot tubes or Vanes

Working as a BYU electronics shop tech, I occasionally get to help out the guys at the MAGICC lab. A PhD student came in a few weeks ago with a problem: He wanted to make an Alpha-Beta probe. Encoders of the accuracy he wanted are too heavy and too expensive to put on a 5 pound flying wing, and the multiple Pitot-tube option was not his game to play either, so he was wondering if we could make encoders like the big expensive ones he was looking… Continue

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The "Bravo" Flying Wing has flown

It flies! Earlier today, I stepped outside, walked 80 feet to the 10+ acre field next to my house, and chucked my brand new flying wing. There are few things in the world like flying a plane that you've scratch built. And unlike many of my plane projects in years past, this one actually flew well.

I've been working on UAV platforms all summer. Although I can't show my regular research project (If I told ya I'd have to, ah..... NDA ya!), I can show this aircraft, which is being built… Continue

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2km Milestone Reached

Made it! Successful 2km Range Test from Stephen Carlson on Vimeo.

Now that I've completed this major milestone in my research project, I'm switching gears. I've ordered the ArduPilot with the goal of autonomous flight by the end of August, in addition to achieving other, more classified… Continue

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MAVs: The Future is Coming

How many of these goals can we achieve right now?

Link to the… Continue

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Energy Harvesting for UAVs

The Wired Way:

The Solar Way:
AFRL News Release


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Stealthy Persistent Perch and Stare

I've been pretty silent for the past many weeks up to months. I cannot detail too much, but that I'm working on a perch and stare project that I will be able to disclose to the public after I have the research completed and the prototype made.


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AIAA Conference in Long Beach, California

I got to visit CSULB for the Region VI AIAA Student Conference. A tour of JPL was included in the events. It was so cool! More later....

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Amateur Technician License, Oh Yeah!

Tonight marks a major achievement in my journey in UAVs. I took the Amateur Radio License Exam of the Technician Class Rating/Certification. I aced it! 100%.


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