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A public thank you to Caleb from CH Robotics

As some people might know there is a team hard at work on OpenPilot and we are making some progress, like every complex project things don't go as fast as you like but progress is happening. One of the things we are working on now is the low level infrastructure for the AHRS, this makes it so our EKF developers can just drop their code in without…


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The AeroQuad

I know this is not strictly a UAV but because this is centre of the universe for things Arduino flight related and there have been some very cool posts about Quads lately (it is also one of my passions), I thought I would post about an Open Source Arduino based Quad platform in case people are not aware of it.

I have heard of the project in the past but never really spent any decent time looking at it until today, it certainly looks very good and appears to… Continue

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Its Alive!!

There will be a load more talk about this project right here on the DiyDrones Podcast on the Feb 14th. This code was working a while back but we finally got around to making a video.

The hardware has changed a little bit since then but only to expand the power options and a couple more features, 8 servo inputs, 8 Servo outputs, SDCard, USB and lots more. Its a totally community driven project, the hardware will be cheap (revolutionary cheap) because we are… Continue

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Police Drone Tests

Local police in the US are testing the Scan Eagle for domestic surveillance.


Added by David Ankers on January 8, 2010 at 5:45pm — 4 Comments

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