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Lone Star Drone Rodeo and Texas Big SAR!

We are finally ready to push this bit of news out to the community at large, albeit a little close to the event.  We have a 1,400 acre ranch down here near Santo, TX where the land owner has put together multiple drone based events under the name Lone Star Drone…


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National DUGN Drone Conference: The Future of Civilian Drone Use

Welcome to our first National level Drone User Group Conference! Through our meetup page you will be able to pre-register and therefore assure your space at the conference. This is a family friendly event so feel free to bring the kids and keep reading for options to bring your own drone! Along with your registration you can enjoy the entire museum at your leisure. First…


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North Texas Drone User Group to host a Drone Fly In - July 13th!

Ever wonder if anyone was going to let you cut loose with your drone?  Been looking for local drone types but just can't seem to find them?  The North Texas Drone Users Group (NTDUG) is a support and networking organization in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Our goal is to provide a…


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The State of Amateur Autonomous Vehicles Lecture Needs Your Input!


As part of a plan of action to launch a non profit club, the Amateur Autonomous Vehicles Association (AAVA), I am putting together a short (20-30 minute) lecture on what is going on in the amateur autonomous vehicles world to be given at the…


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The Joe Average Antenna Tracker - Build/Parts/Explaination

Want to Make an Antenna Tracker?

I am making this blog more for my future self than anyone else.  That said, I think a lot of people will appreciate the contents as they too might have found that an antenna tracker (AT) build is not easy to find, nor are the explanations as to why they are built the way they are. …


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G-force Reduction for Electronics in Crashes.

If you consider yourself to be one of the following, then read on:

1) Those with extremely fast airframes, such as jets or hotliners or the like.

2) Those that have more than the average dollar invested in their electronic packages.

3) Those that are just nerdy enough to just want to know if this…


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Gruesome APM2 Easter Accident

It took the King's Horses 2 hours to arrive (bad neighborhood) and then the King's Men took another 3 hours to remove him from the pins.  Mr. Egg is listed in Stable Condition at the St. Humpty Dumpty Hospital.…


Added by Chad Frazer on April 10, 2012 at 8:44pm — 4 Comments

UAV First Build, Trying to Out Do the Shadow 200 by miles.

What does the title mean?  I was a Crew Chief for the Shadow 200 system over in Afghanistan.  It costs around 800K for one bird and I thought I'd gauge my ability to build a better bird cheaper.  Here goes:

April 7 2012

Today is the first real day of building.  For the last 4 months or so I have been…


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