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Monstor Rover

My current project: a Large rover!  I have found a cheap dis-used electric wheelchair on eBay, removed the "chair" and all of the electronics, created a power distribution system behind the battery pack based around an arduino Uno, two 8 channel relay modules, and two 15A step-down converters for 12v and 5v.

On top I have replaced the chair with a…


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CASA looking into drones in Australia

I copied this from a news article on nineMSN (link to article below)... Once again the key concern appears to be people looking into other peoples back yards... I haven't seen anyone draw attention to the potential danger in having a cowboy crash into a crowd, into traffic or destroy property... just record hi-res images of their p**ed off neighbor in their back…


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Thermopile Arrays

In searching for sensors to use with the Arduino, looking for something new to play with I discovered a 16x4 Thermopile array, a bit of a search revealed a manufacturer that makes a 32x31 array, these may well be within the reach of the hobbyist, giving us a way to add thermal imaging to our copters.  Affordable thermal imaging would be…


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Stronger landing gear

After tearing through countless quantities of landing legs on my drone I decided to make my own, somewhat stronger than the original legs.  Through years of modifying cars I have learnt (the hard way!!) that when you make something stronger, there's always something else in the chain that will fail.  So with this in mind I have designed these legs, and while…


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Upgrade to APM 2.5 or PX4?

OK, so I've got something of a dilemma... I want to upgrade my APM board as I'm still using APM1 with the analogue sensors, but I don't know if I should go with the AMP2.5 or with the PX4?

I was going to buy a new APM2.5 but I can't seem to find any that haven't already been pre-assembled or have been pre-assembled with side-entry pins, for some reason…


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New Sensors!! :-D Colision Avoidance

WooHoo so I picked up my new ultrasonic sensors from my old workplace today!  that means it's time for me to start work on collision avoidance!! :-D  something I desperately need hahahaha...

first stage for me is to get the arduino uno reading the sensors, I might then set it up to talk to the ardupilot board on i2c and integrate the system from…


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jDrones Hexa PID's

After a test flight yesterday where *everything* went wrong I thought that I would do some PID tuning in my back yard, while I might be a competent programmer, I'm pretty green, in fact, I aspire to be "green" when it comes to PID tuning!!

So to improve my PID tuning skills I've been running endless simulations and frankly they just do my head in, so I've hit it with some "trial and error" and thus far have improved on the standard set of PID's advertised on the jdrones…


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Next Generation of Ground Station

Since I entered into the drone world I've had a problem with the concept of taking my laptop out into the field with me, but as a new (hopeless) pilot I would often like to know more about what's happening with my hexa as it's flying.  To solve this issue I got myself an Ardustation, only to find that it didn't have all the information on it that I was looking for, and the text screen, while great in sunlight left something to be desired...

So, I have started…


Added by Jesse on September 23, 2012 at 5:30pm — 61 Comments

Season Two of the Trust Time Trial (T3) Contest 
A list of all T3 contests is here. The current round, the Vertical Horizontal one, is here

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