Jesse's Blog – October 2012 Archive (2)

New Sensors!! :-D Colision Avoidance

WooHoo so I picked up my new ultrasonic sensors from my old workplace today!  that means it's time for me to start work on collision avoidance!! :-D  something I desperately need hahahaha...

first stage for me is to get the arduino uno reading the sensors, I might then set it up to talk to the ardupilot board on i2c and integrate the system from…


Added by Jesse on October 3, 2012 at 11:55pm — 17 Comments

jDrones Hexa PID's

After a test flight yesterday where *everything* went wrong I thought that I would do some PID tuning in my back yard, while I might be a competent programmer, I'm pretty green, in fact, I aspire to be "green" when it comes to PID tuning!!

So to improve my PID tuning skills I've been running endless simulations and frankly they just do my head in, so I've hit it with some "trial and error" and thus far have improved on the standard set of PID's advertised on the jdrones…


Added by Jesse on October 3, 2012 at 11:20pm — 4 Comments

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